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The Gateway and Corridor as Enabler of Regional Economic Development (5738KB)
Keynote Banquet Speaker: Dr. David Fung, Chairman & CEO, ACDEG Group
Pacific Crossroads: A Roundtable Discussion Paper (2691KB)
Presenters: Barry Prentice & Graham Parsons
Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative (1427KB)
Presenter: Brian Bohunicky, Director General, Strategic Policy, Transport Canada
  SESSION I - Theory and Practice of Transportation Gateways
Global Cities, Gateways, and Corridors – Hierarchies, roles and Functions (1MB)
Presenter: Dr. Kathy Pain, The Young Foundation
  SESSION II - Gateway and Corridor Competitiveness
Distance and Competitiveness – Emerging continental, Networks Barriers and Strategic Partners (1.03MB)
Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Button, School of Public Policy, George Mason University
Container Traffic Flows over Canadian Corridors and Gateways
Luncheon Speakers: John Falcetta, UMA Engineering & Jim Frost, MariNova Consulting
  SESSION III - Public and Private Investments in Gateways and Corridors
Assessing the Economics of Trade Infrastructure – Financing Corridor and Gateway Development (3.2MB)
Presenter: Dr. Robert Harrison, The Centre for Transportation Research, University of Texas at Austin
Infrastructure Opportunities Through Co-Production in the Railways

Asia-Pacific Gateway & Corridor Initiative Roundtable
Dr. Malcolm Cairns, Canadian Pacific Railway
Infrastructure Opportunities of Port Rail Authorities (776KB)
Presenter: Monica Blaney, Government of Alberta
  SESSION IV - Directions in NAFTA Transportation Policy
North America Transportation Policy Then and Now: Issues to Guide a Western Canada Transportation Policy Discussion on Gateways and Corridors (293KB)
Presenter: Dr. Stephen Blank, Senior Research Associate, North American Center for Transborder Studies, ASU
Workshop on Canada Workshop on Canada’s Role in Gateways and Corridors (311KB)
Doug Campbell, Campbell Agribusiness Strategists

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