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Dr. Andrew Burghardt
Professor Emeritus, McMaster University

Andrew F. Burghardt, emeritus professor of Geography, McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, was born (April 5, 1924) and raised in New York City. He served with the U. S. Army in the Philippines in WW II. He then attended Harvard University (A.B. 1949) and the University of Wisconsin ‐ Madison (B.S. 1951 and Ph. D. 1958). Prior to the doctorate he worked as a cartographer for four years.

Academically, he taught at Stanford University 1957‐1961, moving to McMaster in 1961, where he remained until his retirement in 1989. He was a visiting professor at the universities of Minnesota, Victoria, Guelph, and the Free University of Berlin, and was a Fulbright scholar. His specializations included Political and Historical Geography, with a focus on old roads and the beginnings of towns.He served as a councillor of the CAG, as an editor, and also on several planning boards in the Hamilton Region. He married Mary Farrell in 1956; they are blessed with five children and thirteen grandchildren.

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