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Dennis Apedaile
Bighorn Consulting

Mr. Apedaile is Principal in the transportation policy consulting firm, Bighorn Consulting.

He retired from Canadian Pacific Railway in 2004 as AVP Government Affairs, after a range of public and government affairs positions in both CP Limited and CPR over 35 years.

He has dealt extensively with the federal government and most provincial governments on telecom, real estate, marine shipping and rail issues.

His rail responsibilities included a wide range of public policy issues. From 1991‐ 93 he served on the Executive Committee of the federal Agri‐Food Competitiveness Council. He was a lead member and principal government contact for CPR during all legislative reviews and policy changes from the lead‐up to the Crow grain rate change in the early 1980s until June 2004.

He has degrees from RMC and Carleton and is active in a number of professional, educational and community organizations. He is a Director of the Calgary Military Museums Society and Chair of the awards juries for Carleton University’s Kroeger Collge.

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