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  SESSION II - Asia Pacific Gateways & Continental Transportation in the Great Plains
Gateways, Corridors and Global Freight Distribution: TransPacific Issues (1.6MB)
Presenter: Jean Paul Rodrigue, Department of Economics and Geography, Hofstra University
Some US Experience with Trade Corridors (784KB pdf)
Presenters: Andrew R Goetz, PhD, Department of Geography and the Intermodal Transportation Institute, University of Denver
  SESSION III - Issues in the Development of Gateways & Corridors New Worlds of Continental Transportation
Approaches to Capturing Gateway Corridors (52KB)
Presenter: Clare Kirkland, Director, Regina Regional Economic Authority
Agricultural Supply Chains Moving through the Asia Pacific Gateways & North American Corridors (106KB)
Presenter: Sylvain Charlebois, Assistant Professor in Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Regina
  SESSION IV - National Transport Policy in an era of Continental Movement
Strategic options in Canadian transport policy: The interface between trade pressures and domestic policy (71KB)
Presenter: Peter Phillips, Professor, Department of Political Studies,
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
Trade Development within the Asia-Pacific Gateway
Dinner Speaker: Dale Botting, President, Saskatchewan Trade and Export Partnership

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