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John Law
Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Highways and Transportation, Regina

John Law, Deputy Minister, Saskatchewan Highways & Transportation John holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies from the University of Winnipeg and Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of Manitoba. In July, 2004, John became Deputy Minister for the Department of Highways & Transportation, a portfolio that encompasses economic, social and environmental issues, policies and operations. As one of the major industry portfolios, highways and transportation provides a vital link to moving people, goods and services throughout the province and to neighboring jurisdictions.

Previous to DHT, John was responsible for the government’s technology portfolio as the Chief Information and Services Officer for the Province of Saskatchewan. Under John’s leadership, the Information Technology Office (ITO) went through a major IT services transformation process using industry best practices and providing Saskatchewan citizens with high quality, cost-effective IT services by making the best use of existing human and financial resources. Prior to joining the 8 ITO, John was President of the Saskatchewan Property Management Corporation, the organization charged with conducting the government’s business affairs such as buildings management and procurement services.

John is a visionary who came to his curre nt position as a direct result of his longtime involvement in modernizing the way government conducts its business. Since joining the public service in 1981, John has served in staff advisory positions to both Cabinet and Treasury Board Ministers in three jurisdictions, from the Federal Government to the Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

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