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John Higginbotham
Principal Advisor, Pacific Gateway, Transport Canada

Mr. Higginbotham served as Commissioner for Canada in Hong Kong and twice in Beijing, as Trade Commissioner and Political Counselor. More recently he was Minister (Political / Trans-boundary) at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC, ADM Policy in Foreign Affairs and International Trade, and Vice-President, Canada School of Public Service.

Mr. Higginbotham was born in Regina, graduated from the University of Saskatchewan in Economics and undertook Graduate Studies in Development Economics at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He obtained his M.A. in International Economics from McGill and joined the Department of External Affairs.

After an assignment at the United Nations in New York, he undertook two years of full-time Chinese (Mandarin) training in Hong Kong, and was assigned to the Canadian Embassy in Beijing with the Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce. He returned to Ottawa to head the China Section, served on the Policy Planning staff of the Department for two years and was sent by the Department to Harvard for a year as a Fellow of the Centre for International Affairs where he worked on the G7 Summit process.

Mr. Higginbotham returned to Beijing as Counselor. He then returned to Ottawa and became Director of the International Economic Relations Division. This was followed by an appointment as Director General of the Policy Planning Staff whe re he managed a comprehensive international policy review process and contributed to the Canada-USA FTA. He was Commissioner for Canada in Hong Kong from 1989-1994. He served as Minister (Political/Trans-boundary Affairs) at the Canadian Embassy in Washington, DC From 1994 to 2001. After working as Assistant Deputy Minister for Communications, Culture and Policy Planning in the Department of Foreign affairs and International Trade, he went to the Canadian Centre for Management Development in Ottawa as Senior Visiting Fellow (International). There he led two major projects on relations between the USA and Canada. Mr. Higginbotham's most recent assignment was as Vice President, Research and University Relations at the new Canada School of Public Service. Mr. Higginbotham speaks English, French and Chinese.

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