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Mr. Douglas E. Campbell, B.A., B.S.A., P.Ag., C.A.C., C.I.T.
President Campbell Agri Business Strategists Inc., Cochrane Alberta

Doug is an acknowledged leader in the fields of agriculture and agricultural processing, international trade, transport and public policy improvement in those sectors. As a business consultant he has exposure to Asia Pacific from both sides, doing assignments for the Governments of India, Pakistan and China, Canadian ports, carriers and shipper groups on transport and trade (from Moose Jaw REDA to Pulse Canada/Canadian Special Crops Association, to being active in the Canada -India Business Council).

Doug was an advisor to Canadian governments and exporters during the Doha Round of WTO, with assignments in Geneva and Hong Kong. His career has involved positions as President of the Canada Grains Council, A.V.P. and head of four departments for Canadian National Railways and as Senior Policy Advisor to Canadian and provincial ministers of transportation and agriculture. In his ea rlier life, Doug taught at the University of Saskatchewan, farmed in the Moose Jaw – Regina corridor, and was research director for the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association, representing WCWGA as a founding director of WESTAC.

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