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Experiences Shipping into Asia and North America through Pacific Rim Gateways and Corridors
Scott E. Rudderham, Vice President Operations, Canpotex Ltd.

The year 2007 marks Canpotex's 35th Anniversary of exporting Saskatchewan potash to international markets on behalf of its Member Producers. Canpotex has a well-earned reputation as the leading potash supplier to these markets, with reliable deliveries of highquality potash to its customers.

The potash journey covers thousands of kilometres over land and sea, and a shipment can take four to six weeks to reach its destination. Moving millions of tonnes each year, the Canpotex logistics system must be reliable enough to consistently meet customer delivery requirements, and flexible enough to minimize costs and maximize returns to Members.

With ongoing strategic planning and investments, Canpotex is well positioned to serve the potash needs of a demanding marketplace into the future, and ensure farmers have access to this important plant nutrient to produce food for a growing world population.

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