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David Gillen
Professor of Transportation Policy, Sauder School of Business and Director, Centre for Transportation Studies, University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Dr. Gillen graduated in 1975 from the University of Toronto with a Ph.D in Economics. He joined University of British Columbia in 2005 and currently holds the positions of YVR Professor of Transportation Policy in the Sauder School of Business and is Director, Centre for Transportation Studies, University of British Columbia. He is also Research Economist at the Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of California, Berkeley where he taught from 1990 to 1998.

He has published over 100 articles and books dealing with a variety of topics in transportation economics and business. His current research includes evaluating investment in Intelligent Transportation Systems, pricing and auction mechanisms for roadways and runways, measuring performance of transportation infrastructure, examining the role of transportation in the supply chain, evolving strategies and business models in airlines and airports and studying the linkages between transportation and the economy.

He is Associate Editor of Transportation Research and on the Editorial Boards of the Journal of Transport Economics and Policy and Journal of Transportation Statistics. He is also a current member of the Greater Vancouver Gateway Council and is on the Reason Foundation, Los Angeles Advisory Board to Mobility Project to the Transportation Community.

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