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Dave Frank
Managing Director Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight

After completing his B.Sc (Physics) and MBA (Transportation) at the University of British Columbia (and causing lots of problems as President of the AMS Student Society and as a member of the University’s Board of Governors for a couple terms), Dave was asked to remain in the Faculty of Commerce to build the “Industry Productivity Study Group”. They did lots of interesting research in most modes of transportation and various other sectors. After a couple years he got bored, stole the best people and founded “Horizon Pacific Ventures Limited”, a substantial international consulting company focusing on transportation and economic development.

When offered the chance to build Canada’s leading international, multi-modal Foreign Trade Zone, he took on the task as Founder and Managing Director. This kept him in and out of trouble for around seven years and he learned a heck of a lot about how freight logistics and supply chains really work.

Following this, Dave was Director-Business Development and Communications for Western Express Airlines, specializing in regional air cargo and medevac operations, and played a key role in more than tripling the airline’s revenues in three years – until the airline blew itself up in the financial markets and collapsed.

He is currently Managing Director of the Bureau of Intelligent Transportation Systems and Freight Security in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia.

Dave has co-authored a book on Airline Deregulation and Labour, is a recognized industry analyst in the media, lectures at a senior university level when he can, and has been an invited witness for the House of Commons Standing Committee on Transportation – which shows how desperate government can be at times. However, his greatest achievements, by far, are his two teenage children Taryn and Jaryd, and the relationship he has with his spouse, Meg Comiskey.

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